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Dec 12, 2011

An Average Week for my Kindergartener

Every week brings something new for my kinder-man, Jr. At the beginning of the year I wasn't quite sure about his readiness for kindergarten so I decided to do an integrated year between the Confessions of a Homeschooler K4 curriculum and a K5 curriculum using other books compiled together to cover all subjects. So now we're in the last few weeks of the first half of the year; and this is kind-of what a week looks like.

Monday through Thursday we follow the COAH K4. Every morning we start with prayer for the day, Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar review putting up the day of the week card, singing the days of the week song by Greg and Steve We All Live Together Vol. 4, Review Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow cards, a weather graph and card.
Days of the Week cards I made with my Circut

A simple calendar I found at Target ($1) added velcro to the cards and calendar so the the boys can add the date every day.

Weather cards and chart from COAH that I laminated

Today chart from COAH where to boys can learn about past, present and future-a very important concept for kinders.

Another weather cart visual we use to understand weather and what type of clothing we wear as well as the activities we do during the season.

A Christmas countdown that my mother-in-law gave me. Each day the boys move the little mouse over and we talk about Jesus' birthday.

 Then we move into Jr.'s core K4 studies with COAH (which I highly encourage because it really helps set a strong foundation for early education) followed by workbooks and other teaching materials.
  • Monday: K4 Handwriting, Sight Words practice was and the, Missing Number activity, practicing Word Family Ladders: ank, KUMON Cutting (found my books at Barnes and Noble), and Reading 10 Scoops Level 1 (compiled together it usually takes about 90-110 minutes including a snack break).
  • Non-K5 curriculum materials for Monday include a lesson in the 100 Easy Lessons Book (20-25 mins), Memory Verse Practice from the Awana's book (20-30mins), Christmas Tree art activity from 50 Art Activities for Your Kindergarten Classroom by Scholastic (around 10mins), KUMON Math Skills practice (20mins, 5 pages, addition and missing numbers), LEAP PAD fun, Quest K workbook Sorting Practice.

Laminated for reuse

Each vowel is red for easier recognition

word family ank (some silly)
we practice all sight words learned this year

Kumon cutting practive

Missing Numbers
Simple buy but well worth it

Tissue Paper Craft

In this case, matching and sorting
Covers many subjects. We use this 3-4 times/week

Handwriting practice, well sorta

Daily Reading-we actually read 10 Scoops this week
  • Tuesday: Starts out the same as Monday with group time. The K4 curriculum for Tuesday included Letter Hunt J, sight words practice, Domino Math, Vowel Blend worksheet, Movement with music "The Wheels Go Round n Round" by Songs and Games for the Road Fisher-Price Little People, Reading and Science-measuring your body using stuff around the house.
  • K5 Curriculum included Kumon #'s practice, Science Inquiry, Awana memory verse, and 15min earned on my iphone playing an education game called Kindergarten TEACH ME.
Read the story and child circles the Jj's

A simple domino pack from 00 to 66

I like this exercise because its random math practice so Jr. really has to focus on the numbers also he can use the dots to assist him.

During the activity I also witnessed an "Ah Ha! moment when he realized different numbers in different combinations still equal the same number.

                                                          Scientific Inquiry
Using body parts to measure length, height, width
1 hand = 1 sippy cup

1 foot = 1 puzzle
1 foot = 1 remot

1 body = 1 armoire

1 body = 1 lovesteat
1 body = 1 bathtub
 Jr. had so much fun running around finding things to measure. Some things were too long or too short but overall he gained a new perspective on how to measure using something other than a measuring stick or a ruler. Used 50 Activities for Your Kindergarten Classroom by Scholastic.

  • Wednesday: Handwriting letter J, Sight words practice, Pattern Blocks, Funny Words, Reading and trip to the local Library.
  • The K5 materials: 100 Easy Lessons, Awana memory practice and prayer, Addition workbook, KUMON pasting, and Kumon Verbal Skills.

Pattern blocks, both boys love it!

At the beginning of the year Jr started a phonics books learning about vocabulary, language, rhyming, letter and letter sound recognition. After 16 weeks of school Jr finished his first workbook and earned his certificate. I'm hoping this taught him that hard work pays off. Plus he was really excited to get his certificate. I love being there to witness as my kids grow and learn and accomplish many things.

  •  Thursday: COAH K4 started with Beginning sounds Uppercase letters, again sight words practice, counting 1-100, blend ladders L, Mazes, reading.
  • K5 extra activities included 100 Easy Lessons, Awana memory verse practice, KUMON Cutting, Play-dough, Quest workbook with time and money.

Awana's is a kids club at our church that teaches about God, His word and why we follow Him

LeapPAD practice is another fun way to learn. The kiddos love this, in fact we've had to change the batteries frequently and it was a great buy at garage sale.

Addition practice. Another simple buy at Target for a dollar.

Learning to tell time

Learning about money
  •  Friday: IS PLAY DAY (and test day this week)! Learn-to-letter, Colors workbook, Shapes workbook, and Game Time. We baked (on Saturday), usually go to playgroup or on a field trip. Also its time catch up on sleep so Jr. sometimes takes a nap. 

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