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Apr 13, 2012

Ephesians Study 101

His Grace is my need!

For some time now I've been feeling a strong urgency to improve my understanding of THE BIBLE. Why? Because daily I am confronted with the realities of life and know that without the knowledge of how to handle it I am going to FAIL! This begins with learning the Word! I mean not the hundreds of sermons I grew up listening to and believing that it became a part of me. Not the daily devotionals that are so easy to breeze through without saturation. NO. I mean sitting down, educating, processing, interpreting, being led by the Holy Spirit in understanding. Not head knowledge of the Bible but HEART knowledge. This difference is this. Before you could throw a popular Bible name at me and ask the story and I could probably tell you about it, the Bible, the Gospel, etc. But when I'm home with my children and I sense, I feel the urgency to explain to them grace so they might possess peace I realized I don't really understand grace and therefore do not have peace.  How do I know this, because I quote the Bible but don't know where its written. I pray with my kids but somehow confuse them. And the best example is-their behavior, they mirror what they see! Let's get real! I throw my hands up and fall to my knees-its time to make room for GOD and control freak mom needs to step aside-Amen!

Ephesians is where it begins. Why Ephesians? Because the entire book is dedicated to us. To gain understanding about the infinite riches of God. Its written directly to us, meaning everybody Jews and Gentile alike. And hey I'm a little of both.
I will be following the Ephesians Sermons of John MacArthur. I you don't know him, get to know him. Also various teaching by Piper (if I can wrap my puny head around it), the Jesus Freak books to keep the fire and humility strong, and of course my Bible and my prayers. FYI-When you are meditating and praying you might find that the things you say are from your heart...are from the Holy Spirit reviving your insides to change, move, grow, be passionate, I call it preaching to yourself-because He is in you.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want my vertical relationship with God and His Word to connect with my horizontal relationships here on Earth-you dig?

The first volume goes through the following:
  • Introduction to Ephesians
  • The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1&2
  • Redemption Through His Blood
  • Divine Promises Guaranteed
  • Our Resources in Christ
  • Coming Alive in Christ
  • The Unity of the Body; Part 1,2,3
  • The Mystery Revealed
Grace to You, 

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