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Apr 2, 2012

Field Trip: Lake Farmland

While my sister and her family were visiting we decided to take a field trip out to a 200 acre farm. Reasonably priced and not too cold out side but yet the perfect destination for families who want to let their 'city kids' to experience farm life.

This farm building contained many different types of animals pins. The front had bleacher seating for short classes about mammals and their kin.  Small cages for hens and roosters, a pretend horse-riding saddle on a barrel.

Towards the middle section of the building are pins for goats and kids, sheep and lambs, pigs and piglets. These two little kids were all snuggled down in the hay, too cute.

 Saddles on barrels for some fun pretend riding.

The best part was by far all the loose kids and lambs running around. One even took the liberty to snack on some crackers in someone's stroller. It was great practice for the children to gently touch animals and learn about them.

My niece Psalm   petting a kid. (right) While my little Bee got to touch a lamb for the first time. (below)

 The pigs were hilarious. At first they were hanging out then as soon as one went to nurse ALL flocked to mama like they hadn't eaten in days. The madness was contagious because as soon as the pink pigs went to town so did the black pigs. WhooHoo!

Then we headed to another barn filled with stables and a horse rink where mini-horses ran around. Then we saw Klondikes. The Klondikes were HUGE and beautiful. Isaac, my nephew, said "those horses are like Greek Giants!"


Unfortunately I took a poor shot but truly these boys we huge. They trotted with force and you could feel the vibrations from their horseshoes stomping the ground under your feet.

Next we headed to a another building where they have a little 'show' on milking cows, making cheese, and education about how to take care of cows. Everything on this farm was so spread out that we did a lot of walking!

After the cows we headed to the greenhouse. It was a nice break from the wind. The green house was very interactive and again the kids really enjoyed it!

All in all we had a good time. The countryside was beautiful and the smooth rolling hills brought back memories of my childhood. The kids were exhausted, which is good, and it was a well spent day!

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