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Apr 11, 2012

"R" is for He is Risen and Rainbow!

Jesus Is Risen!
Spend time everyday reading with your kids about the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! And this is the most important event of our history as Christians.

 Matthew 28:1-10 Mark 16:1-10; Luke 24:1-11; John 20:1-18
'After Jesus died some of his friends laid his body in a big tomb. They sealed it shut with a large round stone. Soldiers guarded the tomb.'

'Three days later the earth shook. An angel of the Lord came down from heaven and pushed the stone away from the tomb. The angel sat on the stone.'

'When the soldiers saw the angel, they fell to the ground.'


' "Go and tell Peter and the other disciples that Jesus is alive!" '

'On their way, the women saw Jesus. They fell to their knees and worshipped him. Jesus smiled and said, "Go tell the others that I will see them in Galilee." So Mary ran to tell the disciples.'
My kids love this simple Bible, but I also believe its great to read the full story so they understand the bigger picture.

R is Rainbow
I was very excited when I realized that Easter week was the same as "R" week for the Letter of the Week curriculum that my Little Engineer is following. It's a pre-K curriculum that pairs a letter from the alphabet with a theme ie. R is for Rainbow and because Easter was this Sunday R is for "He is Risen."

There are approximately 7-9 activities per day, or an activity for each work box.

Gluing Activity
Letter R with Buttons

Rainbow Lacing and Rainbow Letter Match using round letter tiles.

Roll A Rainbow

Rainbow Pre-writing Numbers

 RockCollecting: Paint Your Rock

R is for .... Scavenger Hunt:


...Railroad Track
...record player
...Red Paint

...Rescue Heroes
...Race Car
...Rhino Beetle

continuing...the weeks activities
...Color Matching

...Letter R search

...Size sorting

...Rainbow Pattern Activity
...Color by Number

...Rainbow Puzzle
 ...Uppercase Lowercase Sorting

...Rr tracing

...Color by #
...Rainbow Graphing

...Cutting Practice
...Magnets Practice 
Extra Activities:
  • Movement: move your body into the shape of the letter Rr
  • Rainbow Alphabet matching
  • Rainbow floor numbers
  • Rainbow cut/paste page
  • Rainbow number practice
  • and many more...
All this just from one curriculum! 

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