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Sep 3, 2012

Sewing Skirts!

Once every so often I get the DIY itch for some kind of craft. This time around I decided to try and make some skirts for the my little Sweet Pea. Fall is coming and skirts with leggings are what she likes to wear. Is this cost effective, I don't actually know but it was fun! Plus I figure if she's going to play with cars all day then why not do it wearing a skirt ;)

Step 1: Pick out fabric, measure, and cut.
22" at the top by 12" right angle by 34" bottom.
Step 2: Fold, iron, pin, repeat. 

Fold your bottom (at 1/2" double fold) and top (1/4" first fold, 3/4" second fold, then iron to hold the folds).

Tip: Iron the sides down to one side so when folding the top and bottom seams it is a cleaner fold.

Tip: Double fold the top and bottom to avoid fraying of the edges. Then iron to folds down for neat sewing. Don't worry about the extra fabric because once you add the elastic waist it gives you little girl extra tummy room to breathe ;)
Close up look the the ironed fabric before sewing.
Tip: Make sure to leave an opening for a spot to add the elastic band, button, and/or ribbon waist bands.
  Step 3: Once you have everything folded, neatly ironed, and pinned start sewing.
Tip: Sew as close as you can to the edge to leave room for the elastic band. For bottom hem I use a zig- zag sew line.

Tip: When you get to the corners fold one side under and over to get a rounded edge rather then a square edge.

Step 4: Add elastic and/or ribbon to waist band then sew it.
Tip: I used a safety pin to wiggle the elastic band through, and used a 1/2" thick elastic band.
Over pull the elastic through for plenty of sewing room. My daughters' measurement was 19.5"of elastic for a 22" diameter waste. Over measure everything for "mistake room." 
  Step 5: Add ribbon or bow if desired. Then dress up your cutie-pa-tootie!

Happy Sewing!

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