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Dec 9, 2012

Christmas Holiday Wreath

Hi everyone! I hope the holiday season is bringing you joy! 

Every so often I look through magazines and see really great crafts for the home. Sometimes I even buy the supplies but somehow never find the time to get it done or the task seems so big that I just set it aside for "some-other-time." Well this time I saw a great idea from a mag that I just had to try. Its creative, unique and the perfect simple gift for someone very special to me who also happens to love music.

I give you the Holiday Musical Wreath

First I went into an antique store and bought two old music books for about $1.50 each. Then I started by tearing one sheets into fourths for the first two layers. Since the books were from 1929 and 1941 simple folds were enough to tear them without using scissors. Then I rolled and hot glued the rolls tightly over and over again until I had A LOT, maybe 40. Surprisingly this part didn't take too long! I made enough to make two layers, then cut some shorter so they weren't overlapping in length.

After that I took a old cardboard box and traced a large and small circle with two sized bowls. Cut out the wreath then one by one started to hot glue each cone-shaped piece onto the cardboard wreath. Once the first layer was done I trimmed about 1" off the second layer of cones to give the wreath a little more depth.

For the third layer I tore the remaining sheets into 16ths to make tiny cones for the top layer. There's no science to this, "unevenness" is better because not all the cones are evenly sized. You might end up with little gaps here and there and you can use the little cones to fill in those spots.

An up-close pic of the three-layered final wreath.
   The end result is a lovely new piece that in all honestly was not complicated to make or expensive. I do not possess the DIY creative gene but this one turned out pretty cute and I totally recommend for all!

Happy Holidays and Craft Making,

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