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Mar 17, 2013

Hit the Road, JACK! Road Trip Games Part 1

Now-a-days its all about how can we entertain our kids with technology while on the road. But instead of using just technology I wanted to come up with a few things to do while we road trip on our next vacation. Here's a great list of things to do with family and friends that I found in books and online:


Twenty Questions:
Choose a player to be the leader. They must have in mind the name of an object or famous person for the other players to guess. Then the other players take turns asking questions about the mystery word or person. Good questions build on the previous ones. The first person to guess the answer on or before the 20th question is the leader for the next round.

Tom Swifties
When Tom Swiftie talks, he uses adverbs that make a joke about what he says. These quotations are called "Tom Swifties" and are hilarious to make up and listen to. Here are some examples: "I need to get to the other side of the street" Tom said crossly. "I love trees" Tom said woodenly. "I really don't like hot dogs" Tom said frankly. All players must think of a Tom Swifty and tell it to the other players. Everyone votes on the funniest one, and the player with the most votes is the winner.

Sounds Alike Can you get the homophone?
The first player thinks of a sentence with a pair of homophones. Homophones are words that sound alike, but have different spellings and meanings, like sea and see, or to, two, and too. Once the first player has thought up his homophone sentence, he gives a clue to the other players to help them guess it. For example if his sentence is "He stares at stairs," the clue might be "A boy who looks at steps." Everyone trys to guess the sentence. The player to guesses it thinks of the next homophone sentence.

This is a classic but in case you forgot: The first player comes up with a funny story sentence or two the whispers it in the ear of the friend next to them. That person then whispers it to the person next to them and on. The last person to hear the story announces it. Then the starter announces the original and everyone get's a good laugh out of it.

Odd One Out
The first player thinks of 3 different objects, with two of them sharing some quality and the third one lacking this same quality. For example a bird and airplane share wings, but a car doesn't. The first player tells the others the three objects, and everyone takes turns trying to explain which one doesn't belong and why.

I Spy
The first player chooses something inside or outside the vehicle, which must be something that can be seen for a long time. The first player starts by announcing "I Spy..." then the others try to guess. Takes turns guessing each others "I spy." 

Cow Counting
 In the simplest form of this game, each player counts the number of cows on her side of the car. The first player to reach a predetermined number (like 50) wins or the player who has the highest number when you get to the destination wins.

Punch Buggy
In this game players earn points for every Volkswagon Beetle they call out. One point per car, two points if they name the color of the bug, and 10 points for Beetle vans.

License Plate Alphabet
The object of this game is to find every letter of the alphabet in order on license plates. Each player watches the plates and calls out the alphabet letter as they see them.

Choose one player to be the hangman. The player chooses a mystery word and writes a dash on a piece of paper for every letter in the word. Then the other players guess the letters in the word. If right then the hangman writes the letter in. If wrong, hangman draws the base of the gallows. For every wrong answer the hangman draws more parts to the gallows until either the word is guessed or the gallows with the hangman is complete.

There are many more great games for the road but these are just a few to get the wheels turning to remember the old fashioned way of road trip entertainment.

Good Luck on your next road trip!


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