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Oct 23, 2012

Fire Unit Study and Lapbook

What goes out in the rain?
What dies when it drinks water?
I live off myself and when I'm finished I will go out. What am I?

It is Safety Week including unit studies on Fires/Firefighters and the Police.
As it turned out the Sunday before we were to start our fire/police units on safety and hazards our church had a fire drill to ensure the safety of our kids during which the Sunday school teachers helped all the little ones outside. It was the perfect way to start our week because I little tend to do, MANY questions came. They wanted to know why the church had a fire drill if there was no fire, and why they had to go outside, and on and on. Therefore, I had the priveledge of answering such questions and then explained that we would be learning much more throughout the week ahead.

We began with a quickie review with our Fire School Lap Book for my Pre-Ker and a binder full of activities for my first grader. Follow the link below to find fun printables for your toddler, K4, K5 and even more links from other blogs all FREE.

Find these Fire Safety Printables

We are going to do about 4 lapbook activities per day.
And another 3-4 individual activites per day.

This is what the Free Lap Book looks like. Its simple to make and easy for even your youngest students to use. Thanks Homeschool Creations for you cute Lapbooks!

To make it a little harder for my first-grader I had him circle the beginning sounds of each picture then spell the word on his writing tablet. I have to say it was so cute how thought "extinguisher" was spelled.

We wrapped up day one with a cute story from the Little Critter books Adventures of Little Critter: To The Rescue by Mercer Mayer.

The boys especially love it when Fireman Joe breaks down the door to the basement where Little Critters' dad is stuck.
 Fire safety can be fun its also important to teach kids honestly about the dangers of fire and because we homeschool I personally think its extra important in the event that we actually did have a fire and mommy needs help from my big boy helpers.

Watch for more posts as we continue on this week!

Ancient Egyptian Exploration Unit Study

Welcome to Egypt! 

Jr. drew a picture of batman on the front, not sure why? :)
At the end of a great week I thought I'd share with you our journey through Egypt! First let me say that I love unit studies because they offer a nice break from the school day and really capture my kids attention. Basically during this week we did Math and Language Arts every morning then focused all our attention on Egypt topics for the second half of our school day which included history, science, handwriting, reading, geography and even foreign language. The wonderful thing about unit studies is that you can study every subject encompassed in one topic.

I have seen awesome creative moms create lap books as complimentary to the study, so I took a stab at it and it came out hmmm, so so. But Junior liked it so I guess I could give myself a B grade for creativity and maybe an A for effort ;)
Ancient Egyptian Exploration Unit


Day 1: Introduction to the Ancient Egyptians and their History
·         Mini-history Report Book (discuss and learn about the following topics)
o   Page 1:What is a dynasty?   A line of hereditary rulers of a country-explain the meaning of this to students.
o   How long did the Egyptian dynasties last? From approximately 3100 b.c. to approximately 332b.c. when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt.
o   What does the word ‘Egyptian’ mean? A person who comes from the land of Egypt.
Good handwriting practice
The front of the Lap Book
·        Lap Book Activity: Fill out timeline by writing in dates and gluing in mini-signs of art, statues, pyramids, etc. of the dynasty they belong to.

·         Lap Book: Word Search

Last activity to end the day with fun: Tracing
Throughout the week we will continue to explore many topics of the Ancient Egyptians and fill our time doing activities, art projects, reading and exploring the interesting and even a little creepy world of the Egyptians.

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