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Mar 4, 2013

10 Days of Financial Wisdom: DAY 5

Gazelle Intensity!
"I never knew much about gazelles. I never really gave them much thought - until I read Proverbs 6 one day in my quiet time.

Of course, any biblical reference to debt catches my eye. And if the Bible offers a way to escape debt, I want to know the secret! But when I saw that this answer focused on gazelles, I was a little confused.

I was looking for a great spiritual principle, and God gave me animal metaphors!
God must have known I needed some help because He gave me a little more insight later that day. I was watching a nature documentary, and guess what showed up? Gazelles! Of course, you know the gazelles weren't out there all alone! Before long, Mr. Cheetah showed up looking for lunch. Suddenly, God had my attention.

The cheetah sprang into the clearing, and the gazelles took off in 14 different directions. Now, a gazelle can't outrun the world's fastest land animal, but it can zigzag around long enough to wear him out. And that's exactly what happened.

I learned that cheetahs rarely win these races. Because the gazelle is so focused on doing whatever it takes to survive, the cheetah only catches it about once in every 19 attempts. That's what I call intensity!

That documentary helped me understand the gazelle reference in Proverbs 6:5. The only real way to beat debt is to be intense! You've got to work hard. You've got to fight for survival. You've got to run for your life!

The truth is, you will never wander out of debt. You won't stroll out. It won't happen by accident. You only get out if you set your eyes on the goal and attack your debt with gazelle intensity!"
By: Dave Ramsey

After reading through today's lesson I realized something new: Gazelle intense looks different for me then maybe another family. After reading the book The Total Money Makeover and hearing about family after family of being Gazelle intense and getting out of debt while dad works crazy hours and mom brings in income too I thought, 'man my husband already works crazy hours and really feel God has led me to be home with my kids, how can this happen?' Ramsey says the gazelles went in 14 different directions. So what gazelle intense looks like to one family might not look the same for my family. However, the point is keep your get-out-of-debt goals VIBRANT AND ALIVE.

The one thing I've learned about parenting from others is consistency is the key. Well now I'm seeing that consistency is the key to everything, including money.  Gazelle intense for me means chipping a little off many areas: groceries, clothes, presents, travel (so less on gas), and so on to end up with a few extra hundred dollars toward saving and debt. After setting a budget that seems like too little and hitting that budget I hope to learn and see that living with much less is possible while breaking down our debt. Making more money (right now) isn't the answer for my family but cutting back on our budgets is practical.

Link up with this study and many great others with YouVersion.

Leaning on God for provision and wisdom,

10 Day of Financial Wisdom: DAY 4

Slaves to Debt

"After nearly three decades of talking to people about money, I've figured something out. If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, people will begin to believe it's true. Even if they know in their hearts that the myth is complete bunk, they'll live as if it's real.

These days, there's a big myth that's fooling a lot of people. It's the myth that debt is an effective part of their financial plan. Credit has been marketed to us so effectively that most people think they can't live without it. They think it's a good thing, a necessary thing. And they think anyone who lives without debt must be crazy!

Well, I've been called crazy before, and I'm okay with that. When it comes to debt, I don't want to be normal. And I'm in pretty good company because King Solomon - who knew a lot about money and wealth - felt the same way.

In Proverbs 22:7, he was adamant about avoiding debt. Why? Because he understood what so many people today totally miss: Debt enslaves us!

The Bible says that the borrower is slave to the lender. That's pretty strong language, but it's totally on target. Think about it. A slave can't give because he doesn't have anything. He can't go where he wants to go or do what he wants to do because he always has a master calling the shots. That's exactly how it feels when you're up to your eyeballs in debt. Hey, why do you think they call it MasterCard?

Solomon knew what he was talking about. This guy was the wisest man who ever lived! He didn't use the word “slave" by accident, and he wasn't being overly dramatic. He was just showing us what debt really is: a cruel master."
By: Dave Ramsey

I am really enjoying the positive affirmation this study is bringing me. If you'd like to follow along with this 5-minutes per day study go to YouVersion. Create a free username and password. YouVersion is an app for you smart phone, tablet or computer.

Here are just a few of the new Reading Plans you might want to try:
To check out all of YouVersion’s newest plans, visit the main Reading Plans page at or look in the "New" category inside the Bible App.

I hope, like me, you're gaining little tidbits of information and advice that's helpful to your life.

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