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Oct 27, 2012

Egypt Unit Study and Lapbook Day 3

Day 3: Pyramids
·     Build a pyramid out of sugar cubes (student can build whichever type they desire )

      Lap Book: Learn about the 4 Types of Pyramids, do activity (write in the names of the 4 types on the line then glue to lap book)

      Lap Book: Puzzle: color, laminate and cut puzzle then paper clip together so the pieces don’t get mixed up with other puzzle pieces, store in pocket.


First Quarter Reviews!

Science: Science Math Technology
My last post finished up our 8 week unit on Applied Science. It covered many early learner science topics. Some require a quick trip to the library for suggested reading. Others required getting creative with our house and finding ways to make a lab work. And still others required borrowing a few things like a microscope (from my in-laws :). After 8 weeks I'm pleased to say that integrating science into our full curriculum this year has been generally easy and pretty stress free. Also its a subject my boys love. Feel free to follow along with us and use this free curriculum SciMaTe. The biggest pros are that it's all pre-planned and not too complicated to teach-meaning you don't need a degree in biology, chemisty, physics,etc. The cons are that it does require a few expensive tools such as a microscope. However, many schools will allow you to borrow one of theirs or you can buy one on Amazon; just look at it as buying an investment in to your kids education.

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A Mother's Prayer

Lord bless my home and anyone who enters. Lead me daily so that I am always aware of You! Whether educating my kids, cooking or cleaning may my attitude always be that of a servant. Give me the words to guide my children to You, to know You, Your character and love You, Lord. Please teach to have patience and to always be learning. Lord mold me through each stage of life so I am continually growing and pursuing You no matter what. Lord I want to be a great mom and wife and I know that if I look only to You for help that I can accomplish this, the love for my family that I desire to show them. Lord I'm amazed by You and I love You. Amen.

Full of Life, Full of Love

"The spirited child-often called "difficult" or "strong-willed"--possesses traits we value in adults yet find challenging in children. Research shows that spirited kids are wired to be "more"-by temperament, they are more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and uncomfortable with change than the average child." It seems as though we have three, and they are very much like me. What does this mean? I need to be compassionate, consistent, confident, controlled, all with a gentle yet firm approach. Yes my plate is full.

Motherhood: A rigorous training ground

What an awesome responsibility mothers have to their children. Cultural stereotypes promote the idea that giving birth miraculously endows women with kindness, compassion, and goodness. But we all know better. Many of us can witness that we are made more aware of our weaknesses and impatience after becoming mothers than we were before. Godliness and generosity are not prerequisites of giving birth; they are characteristics that God hones and whittles into our character over time. Motherhood provides a rigorous training ground where we can display practice and model the disciplines of love, honesty, and compassion before our children. --Rebecca Laird