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Feb 27, 2013

10 Days of Financial Wisdom: DAY 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our 10 day study following Dave Ramsey's Financial Wisdom from Proverbs. The focus verse of today is Proverbs 27:23 Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds

The connection: The oldest form of money is probably livestock and plant products. Domestication of animals had begun long before civilizations began; so too had farming, and initially, cattle and grain were two very common mediums of exchange. Gradually a newer, more common, form of money came in the form of metals. Eventually coins were invented in Lydia, which were made of metal. Its usage was quickly adopted by many of the Greek states, and so on to today where we use money as the most convenient form of payment. To know you flocks is the same today as knowing your $$ amount in your bank account. 

Dave Ramsey's main points for this study are:

1. Money is active! The most important thing is to know what you have and what you're doing with it. Manage your money well.

2. Build a monthly budget on paper to: get out of debt, have an emergency fund, save for the future.

3. "Money, if properly trained (like a thoroughbred horse) is a beautiful and powerful thing. But left on its own, can become wild-even dangerous!"

Feb 26, 2013

10 Days of Financial Wisdom

Dave Ramsey's Financial Wisdom from Proverbs with YouVersion

Please come along as I join 10 Days of Financial Wisdom with YouVersion devotionals. What is YouVersion? It's an App Bible for your smart phone, computer or tablet. It's the BIBLE you can take with you anywhere and it comes in the version (KJV, NKJV, NLT, Mess...) you desire, hence YouVersion. 

What I also like is some versions have read-aloud options so when I'm running on the treadmill or in the car I can listen to the Bible for FREE!!!

Along with the Bible, YouVersion offers devotionals provided by many of the people you may already know.

Feb 24, 2013

Thirty Devotion for Mothers

Letting Your Light Shine                                                                 

My children will not go to bed unless their night-light is on. It doesn't put out much light, but in my children's eyes, that night-light makes a very dark, frightening room a cozy safe place to sleep.

That night-light has changed the way I see my role as a Christian. I used to hear Christ's words about "letting my light shine" and feel really overwhelmed, thinking I would have to be a really outstanding Christian to even be seen in this dark world of ours. But now I realize that although I may not be the best Christian in the world (my gift of salvation was free), my light may be all someone needs to feel safe and cozy in this scary, dark world. So I'll just keep on shining!

God, let you light shine through me, bringing comfort and hope to others, Amen.
-Leanne Ciampa Hadley

As I grow as a women, mom, wife, I find it very helpful to pray into life the wise verses of the Bible and also take the positive thoughts and prayers of women who have gone before me. I enjoy reading their stories, praying their prayers, and uses their advice for encouragement in my own journey. I hope it's affirming for you as well!

Grace to You,

Feb 22, 2013

Test Prep Smart Parents

Good Day readers! As March is quickly approaching I find myself beginning to think about testing my first grader to evaluate where we are in our education journey. Now I understand that a lot of homeschoolers do not agree with testing and believe testing to be one the reasons they dislike public education. Please know that I agree that Standardized testing puts every unique child into a box and should that child have a different way of learning and responding to learning then testing doesn't adequately show what your child may actually know. However, there is a positive side to homeschool testing. If you're a homeschool parent like myself then some form of validation is needed from time to time. One form of validation can be achieved through testing. Also the benefit of testing at home means a parent is sitting next to their child and baby-stepping their way through the process together so come REAL test time they are equipped for the real McCoy ;)

Why do I agree with practice testing?
Practicing basic skills in a testing situation can help ensure that your students:
  • are comfortable with the testing environment
  • know how to approach different kinds of test questions
  • apply knowledge to a variety of test formats
  • use time wisely during tests

Feb 20, 2013

Beginning the Creative Writing Process for Storytelling

Good Day readers. For some time now I've been patiently waiting to open the magical door of writing to my first grader. You might be asking yourself, "Haven't you started that already?" My answer is both yes and no. Yes many hours are spent writing in our home but it mostly consists of writing two sentence paragraphs answering questions on worksheets, simple writing in workbooks, and an occasional report. But what I'm talking about is Creative writing. My first grader, Junior, is a perfectionist. Call it first child syndrome, a 'beaver-type' personality but he does not enjoy writing because he cannot write at the pace he thinks without becoming overwhelmed because he has too many thoughts-it's chaos!

This is something I personally struggle with as well. I have too much to say, unorganized thoughts, and RUN-ON sentences. Ha ha, we are so alike. The point is that writing is awesome. A good story can transport you into another world. Writing allows your imagination to soar and can be enchanting. I would love to open this door to him without making it confusing, overwhelming, or exhausting.

This spring quarter we will open that door by learning a few simple rules in the writing process. Stepping our way through lessons that will aid in bringing out the very best in my students' story telling and thus open a new door into their writing and imaginations! I cannot wait to see the story telling potential of my little ones!

The first lesson in the beginning writing process is Story Mapping. Story mapping helps students to break down the elements of a story; characters, setting, problem, and solution.

The second lesson Somebody, Wanted, But, So foldables as a form of pre-writing. This beginning framework is then built upon in the drafting stage.

The third lesson introduces Webbing where students learn that not every idea needs to be utilized in the writing process but also to show the possibilities of ones story.

Printable Lessons and worksheets:
Story Mapping Lesson
Story Map worksheet

Somebody.Wanted.But.So Teacher lesson
SWBS worksheet

Webbing Teacher Lesson
Webbing worksheet 
Webbing Example worksheet

Of course you all know that these teaching methods have been around for centuries but this is just my way of making these lessons zippy and fun. With hope these simple lessons will positively influence my children toward a lifetime of creative writing.

In addition, while I did create my own PDF versions of these lessons I must give credit where credit is due! The foundations for these lesson can be found at:
Joy in the journey of homeschooling,

Feb 1, 2013

February Food Calendar!

Yeah, it's February, my favorite winter month of the year!
I really do enjoy February for many reasons. First, when I was young it was usually the best month to go snowboarding. Now I love it because there are many family birthdays, which means lots of cake (I LOVE cake). Also February is the month of love which means cutesie crafts and cookie baking that I get to do with my kiddos! But before we get into all that here's my families food calendar for the month. Enjoy!

February Food Calendar

Sweet n Sour Pork is our new family favorite. 
 For a list of my 20 favorite afternoon snack ideas check out "Snack Attack"

For a satisfying and nutritional meal plan for the Paleo Diet check out NOM NOM Paleo
where I find a lot of my recipes.

Also I pulled many of my recipes from my favorite cookbook The Cooking Light Gluten-Free Cookbook
When cooking Gluten-Free watch out for a lot of extra starchy foods and remember sugar is still sugar and even if its non-wheat flour that doesn't mean its healthy for you carbs are still carbs.

Happy Dinner Time with your Family

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A Mother's Prayer

Lord bless my home and anyone who enters. Lead me daily so that I am always aware of You! Whether educating my kids, cooking or cleaning may my attitude always be that of a servant. Give me the words to guide my children to You, to know You, Your character and love You, Lord. Please teach to have patience and to always be learning. Lord mold me through each stage of life so I am continually growing and pursuing You no matter what. Lord I want to be a great mom and wife and I know that if I look only to You for help that I can accomplish this, the love for my family that I desire to show them. Lord I'm amazed by You and I love You. Amen.

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Motherhood: A rigorous training ground

What an awesome responsibility mothers have to their children. Cultural stereotypes promote the idea that giving birth miraculously endows women with kindness, compassion, and goodness. But we all know better. Many of us can witness that we are made more aware of our weaknesses and impatience after becoming mothers than we were before. Godliness and generosity are not prerequisites of giving birth; they are characteristics that God hones and whittles into our character over time. Motherhood provides a rigorous training ground where we can display practice and model the disciplines of love, honesty, and compassion before our children. --Rebecca Laird