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Oct 27, 2012

Egypt Unit Study and Lapbook Day 3

Day 3: Pyramids
·     Build a pyramid out of sugar cubes (student can build whichever type they desire )

      Lap Book: Learn about the 4 Types of Pyramids, do activity (write in the names of the 4 types on the line then glue to lap book)

      Lap Book: Puzzle: color, laminate and cut puzzle then paper clip together so the pieces don’t get mixed up with other puzzle pieces, store in pocket.

Mini-Pyramid Report Book:
o   Page 1: What is a pyramid, why did the Egyptians choose that shape? A monumental structure with a square base and sloping sides that meet at one point at the top. 

o   Page 2: Why were pyramids built? To protect the body of the deceased Pharaoh, but out of fear the kings were sometimes buried in an unknown place.
o   Who built the first pyramid? King Djoser built the first pyramid, a Step Pyramid in Saqquara.
o   Who built the biggest pyramid? King Khufu, known as The Great Pyramid of Giza.

o   Page 3: What were the 3 ways used to build pyramids?
§  1:Blocks of stone were dragged up a straight mud ramp. The ramp would need to be very long, otherwise it would be too steep.
§  2. Blocks of stone were dragged up a mud ramp built and round and round the pyramid.
§  3. Blocks of stone were dragged up a short, straight mud ramp and then onto a ramp going around the top parts of the pyramid. This combines option 1 and 2.

o   Page 4: Where are the biggest pyramids in Egypt? Giza

As stated in an earlier post we read a book about a little boy who made a report book about what he learned about the Egyptian mummies so we did the same thing. Overall it worked out great and I'll probably be putting together more units like this-just because it was so fun!
Here's a peek at my home-created Lapbook:
Happy Unit Studies,

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