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Nov 28, 2012

December Calendars!

December's Here Hooray!
First I have to say that I love, Love, LOVE Christmas Season. In my home the countdown to Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving. But because there's so many great things to do its very helpful to organize my life a little more than usual. Therefore, I've come up with a more-than-usual-detailed Meal Plan and Activities Calendar(s) for the Advent Season. 

I am doing this for mainly two reasons:
1) I know my husband and kids would appreciate not eating the same breakfast, lunch, and dinners every week over and over! We all need a little variety in our diets ;)
2) Simply put Proverbs 31:10-31. By removing a simple distraction like what to cook for dinner by already having a dinner plan, the more my time will be freed to be a mother God can use in any way He chooses!

But before I post my December calendars I like to personally note that this is just what I think I need to do to make life a little simpler. I don't think it will go perfect and we may skip, tweak, or blow off the plan, but my overall goal is to have meals planned so that its one less thing to think about and I can focus more on my family and having fun with them.

December Meal Calendar

December Activities Calendar

For more details check back each Sunday for a post with recipes, pictures, and links of all the fun stuff we're going to do.

Happy Holidays!

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