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Jun 5, 2012

The Natural History Museum

 The Space Exploration Exhibit
 Take your kiddos on field trips! Where we live there is a great children's section designated just for kids. Most museums have this in addition to dinosaur bones, space exploration, and geology exhibits. We had a great time and yes, learned a lot.

Dinosaur excavating was the little engineers favorite. Using tools kids can experience what its like to a paleontologist and uncover and dinosaur skeleton on their own.

The creative center was a portion of the room set aside for nature. There is a touch and feel section with different drawers filled with animal furs to kids can open them and discover how different animals skin/fur feels. It had and area where kids could look through microscopes and use slides in categories such as leaves and cells to see what they look like really close. An language globes spanning a wall showing how different kids in areas look and say ,'hello.'
The Anatomy Puzzles were Jr.'s favorite. These are five layered puzzles starting with the body outline layer, next a skeletal layer, followed by a muscle layer, then skin, then a clothing layer. They also had the same type of puzzle for a cat and dog.


The tiny queen bee enjoyed the tots coloring and building animals with magnets. She is really improving on her motor skills and these activities really encourage that. 

This Discovery center was a nice break from the usual daily routine of homeschooling and the beauty of it is that there were very little crowds to deal with because we went in the middle of the week as a family including daddy. As parents we witnessed their eyes light up when they saw a T-Rex, ancient turtle from Lake Erie, a World War II fighter plane, geological sites and the inside of a cave, then to top it off the Children's exhibit. Why would anyone want to miss that?

Enjoy Life

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