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Aug 19, 2012

Our Curriculum 2012-2013

Hi Everyone! Well its that time of year again as the start of our school year is quickly approaching. I've many changes to our curriculum from last year and I think its going to be great.

Junior (first grade):
Supplemental Books (other then books used in his curriculum studies):
  • KUMON workbooks: Time, Money, Mazes, Amazing Art Projects
  • A+ workbooks: Addition, Subtraction, 50 States books 1 and 2, Famous Landmarks, Presidents, Insects, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs, and Space Exploration (these are $1.00 from Target whoohoo!)
The Little Engineer (pre-k):
  • Confessions of a Homeschooler K4 curriculum which includes:
    • Bible
    • Math 
    • Reading 
    • Writing
    • Art 
    • Music and Movement
    • Sight Words
    • Vowel sounds/blends
    • Motor Skills
  • Books:
    • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
    • KUMON: Mazes, Alphabet Games, Numbers, Easy Telling Time, Easy Counting Money
    • Level pre-k reading books
The Tiny Queen Bee:
  • Anything we're doing that she's interested in besides complicated science stuff :)
 How do I keep it all organized?

Last year I found that if I didn't have anything planned for the week or day then I didn't know what to do with the kids other then a random art project. That's why I love these books. I organize my curriculum by weeks not by dates on a calendar because some weeks just don't go well and this way I know we're not skipping lessons in the books to stay "caught-up" but still can go through 180 days of school. Another reason why is that it helps me to keep track of what units are coming up so I know what books to check out from the library, supplies we need, etc. Lastly, these books work well because they help to keep track of what we've accomplished for our portfolios throughout the year. 
School starts tomorrow, wish us luck!

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